American basketball sportscaster Richard John Vitale, better known as "Dickie V," was born on June 9, 1939. 

He is well recognized for his 41-year run as an ESPN college basketball broadcaster and his experience as a former head coach in both the college and professional leagues

He is well-known for his enthusiastic and witty comments made during games, as well as catchphrases like "This is amazing, baby!" and "diaper dandy" (excellent freshmen player).

On Wednesday evening, Dick Vitale accepted the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the 2022 ESPY Awards.

Much of Vitale's address was devoted to promoting the Jimmy V Foundation, which supports initiatives aimed at finding a cure for cancer.

No kid or child should undergo chemotherapy or radiation, according to Vitale.

He subsequently remarked, "[Cancer] doesn't discriminate, it comes after everybody." 

Just keep in mind that in the game of life, "perseverance plus passion plus pride equals 'win'," he said.

"No matter your color or religion, it will cause you to fall to your knees. Friends, there is only one way to defeat cancer: by raising money to give oncologists a chance."

With the words "keep chasing your ambitions, keep seeking your aspirations," Vitale concluded his address.