On Friday, anti-fossil fuel activists spilled soup over a glass-covered painting of Vincent van Gogh's 

"Sunflowers" in London's National Gallery, but the artwork was unharmed.

Activists allegedly put two cans of tomato soup over the oil painting, one of the Dutch artist's most recognizable pieces, 

according to the group Just Stop Oil, which wants the British government to block new oil and gas projects. 

Additionally, the two protesters used glue to adhere to the gallery wall.

The glass that was above the painting and its gilded frame was covered in soup splatters.

The picture is undamaged, but there is some slight frame damage, according to the gallery. On Friday afternoon,

it was cleaned and placed back in the exhibit.

"Specialist officers have now un-glued them and they have been taken into custody to a central London police station," the force said in a statement.