The defendant, Darrell Brooks, who is charged with attacking the Waukesha Christmas Parade, 

immediately interrupted the trial's resumption on Friday, October 14.

Brooks brought up a problem with documentation that had been left at his desk in the Waukesha County courthouse shortly after the jury had entered the room.

Judge Jennifer Dorow advised Brooks to take up the matter with the clerk of courts rather than bringing it up in court

The jurors was led back outside the courtroom after Brooks questioned this aloud.

Despite the court's requests for Brooks to stop interrupting and threats to send him to a different courtroom,

Brooks continued to demand the court's attention. Dorow then took another break, this time to allow Brooks to "cool off."

Craig Liermann, the Franklin Police Department's assistant police chief, was the first state representative to speak on Friday. 

He admitted that he went to the Waukesha Christmas Parade as a citizen with his family.