Dr. Anthony Fauci was verbally abused by Megyn Kelly

Dr. Anthony Fauci was verbally abused by Megyn Kelly on Wednesday after he stated he would consider testifying before a Republican Congress.

Kelly blasted Republicans for treating him too leniently and asserted that "you don't get to pick whether you go" regarding the hearing.

Tuesday, Fauci appeared on Fox News to deny rumors that he was resigning to avoid a Republican investigation.

In response to Fox's Neil Cavuto's question regarding the potential inquiry, Fauci stated, "I can justify everything I've done and every decision I've taken."

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After Fauci announced his resignation on Monday, Republicans claimed that his retirement wouldn't prevent him from testifying.

Republicans and Fauci frequently disagreed throughout the outbreak because they felt differently about his advice regarding COVID measures.

She yelled at him, "F**k you."

She yelled at him, "F**k you."