Who is Fr Altman's Bishop? James Altman is an American minister from the Wisconsin church who is best known as Father James Altman

How old is father Altman? Fr. James Altman's age appears to seem around 40s. But, the actual date of birth is not disclosed on any social media platforms.

Is Father Altman still pastor? Father James will no longer serve as pastor of St. James the Less, a Catholic church, after he delivered a slew of political messaging and misinformation

Is FR Altman suspended? The Diocese of La Crosse announced Friday that it was removing a controversial La Crosse priest from his role as pastor. Father James Altman will no longer serve as pastor

Why does FR Altman resign? Faithful America, which describes itself as an online community of Christians, launched a petition for removal from the ministry due to his remarks about the pandemic.

Who removed FR Altman? Bishop William Patrick Callahan Bishop William Patrick Callahan announced Friday that he has issued a decree for the removal of Altman in accordance with canon law. 

What happens when a Catholic priest resigns? Removal from the clerical state is sometimes imposed as a punishment , or it may be granted as a favour at the priest's own request.

Has father Altman been asked to resign? The leader of the Diocese of La Crosse has asked Catholic priest Father James Altman to resign amid continued controversial rhetoric over politics and the pandemic,

Do Catholic priests get pensions? Currently, most priests' needs in retirement are being cared for through a combination of pension benefits and Social Security.

Father James Altman is a catholic priest who came to the limelight from his antagonism against the COVID 19 vaccine