George Foreman accused of sexual abuse by two women: lawsuits

Due to allegations that the former heavyweight boxing champion molested them as young girls in the 1970s, two women are suing George Foreman.

The ladies claim that Foreman started grooming them when they were just 8 and 9 years old and eventually raped them 

when they were 15 and 16 in separate complaints filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In a statement to The Post, Foreman, 73, refuted the accusations and described them as an effort at extortion.

Both of the plaintiffs, who are now in their early 60s, used the aliases Gwen H. and Denise F. to file the lawsuits.

The claims describe a consistent pattern of claimed Foreman abuse.

Because their fathers were Foreman's boxing colleagues, each woman claimed that she first met the boxing celebrity when she was a young child.

Denise, a resident of Los Angeles, claimed that Foreman started grooming her at the age of just 8.