Harrison Bader, a center fielder for the New York Yankees,

has impressed while playing for his hometown team in the Bronx.

He hit three home runs in the ALDS's first four games and contributed to the series' return to New York with his performance in Gam

Those present claim that "showing" consisted of an odd, recurring need to taunt the Guardians supporters at center field before each half-inning.

What caused Bader to begin launching baseballs off the center field screen and apparently fling one over the street into a parking lot? playoff euphoria? 

What's the normal level of energy for the center fielder?

Running around the bases while calling Gerrit Cole his "little f***ing son" is Josh Naylor. Who of us can answer?

Is it worse to leave Cleveland and live like a fly without paying rent? Who anticipated that?

The Cleveland crowd's most disrespectful behavior last night has to have been Bader's wayward throws, without a doubt.