In her first significant film role in nearly a decade, the 36-year-old actress starring in Netflix's 

"Falling for Christmas," and Lindsay is thrilled to be back in the entertainment industry.

Lindsay Lohan has dominated as the endearing heroine for almost 25 years, appearing in classic movies including The Parent Trap

Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls. Following a temporary break from her main roles in Hollywood,

Lohan, 36, has now formally returned to her comedic origins with the heartwarming holiday movie Falling for Christmas, which is currently available on Netflix.

In the movie Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan portrays Sierra Belmont, the chic heir to a line of opulent hotels. 

Following an unusual skiing accident, she soon develops amnesia

and the surprising developments that ensue enable the affluent woman realize her true and useful purpose in life. 

Being both the lead in Falling for Christmas and an executive producer on the film

I started my conversation with Lohan by inquiring about the pleasures of both her return to the big screen and her involvement behind-the-scenes