Goff begins year three with a rating of 85 in Madden NFL 2019, tied for tenth among quarterbacks with Andrew Luck after making the Pro Bowl in his second NFL season. 

After guiding the Rams to the Super Bowl, he checked in at 81 to begin the next season, tied for 14th with Derek Carr.

It completes the circle of Goff's Madden career. He started with a rating of 73 in Madden NFL 2018, tied for 31st among quarterbacks,

Then came his fall from grace, which brought him full circle. following an underwhelming first campaign. Jeremy McCown

Goff and fellow rookie and first-round pick Joe Burrow were tied for 21st place among quarterbacks at the start of the 2021 season with ratings of 77.

He and Burrow shared the same rating at the beginning of last season, which was his first with the Lions.

Burrow led the NFL in completion percentage and yards per attempt in his first season back from injury, leading the Bengals to the Super Bowl.

 Before a push late in the game, Goff didn't appear to be a two-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

With a rating of 72 to start the season, he is tied for 28th place with Trey Lance of the 49ers.

Several of the quarterbacks ranked ahead of Goff include: Jameis Winston, Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson,