Kevin Durant 



   Kevin Durant is back having fun on Twitter, ‘I #ruinedthegame?’


The main topic of conversation over the summer has been Kevin Durant's request for a trade to leave Brooklyn

The majority of the updates regarding the issue from Durant have come from sources and leaks (some clearly and strategically from the Durant camp).

On Sunday, however, he returned to his original self—the agitator on Twitter.


The worn-out myth that moving to Golden State was a "sucker move" that hurt/ruined the game was being used by fans to criticize him.


You were aware that Durant would find amusement in that. Here are some of the highlights from Durant making fun of his detractors.

What Durant did with his move to the Warriors, and then later to the Nets, was to take on different basketball challenges

Durant can have fun on Twitter because his legacy is secure as arguably the greatest scorer the game has ever seen and a top dozen player of all time

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