Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m., a press conference regarding the verdicts will be held inside the Monterey County courthouse

by the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Office.

 Online viewers will be able to watch the press conference live

Additionally, there will reportedly be a casual gathering at the Smart's Dinosaur Caves memorial near Shell Beach at 6 o'clock.

A different jury ruled Ruben Flores not responsible for aiding his son in covering up the death of Kristin Smart.

Ruben Flores was found not guilty by a jury of being an accessory to murder after the fact

He was present when the judgement was read. The Ruben Flores trial jury was thanked and is now free to debate the matter.

“You are fulfilling an extremely important role in our judicial system,” O’Keefe told the jurors. “Please accept our thanks for your time and our effort.”

Ruben Flores has been released from electronic monitoring and is discharged.