Anthony Richards, Lamar Jackson and Cam Newton

Anthony Richardson counts Lamar Jackson as an influence as well. “I started calling myself Cam Jackson in the 11th grade.”

The comparisons between Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson and Lamar Jackson were going to be inevitable this pre-draft season.

Richardson turned that up a notch Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine, saying he's been making that comp for years.

Asked which quarterbacks he emulates, he pointed to the Ravens' 2019 unanimous MVP and former Panthers MVP Cam Newton.

"I started calling myself Cam Jackson in 11th grade. Just trying to make big plays," Richardson said with a grin.

On paper, Richardson's stats don't scream first-round pick. He completed 53.8 percent of his passes last season, his first as the Gators' full-time starter

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But Richardson also adds a dynamic running presence, as he rushed for 654 yards and nine scores last season.