Lil Baby made it clear on a few occasions in his new album, "There's Only Me," that he has no love for DJ Akademiks.

The polarizing journalist is initially alluded to in Future's song "From Now On," as Baby digs into Ak's pockets and exclaims,

 "Akademiks know he ain't as rich as me!!!"

After that, Baby puts more pressure on Ak by singing "Top Priority," which sounds more menacing

 "'Akademiks N****s' claim they can't be affected by or spend much time on computers, yet CED introduced me to YouTube."

Ak was taken aback by the tracks and has been looking for the cause of Baby's hostility ever since.

In a recent interview, Ak detailed how Lil Baby had blocked him on Instagram before DMing him on Twitter,

 leaving him uncertain as to the status of their connection.

Ak was caught in a downpour last night ... as Baby’s disses dropped, he was busy denying rumors he was fighting with a woman in Miami after a viral altercation involving him and several women made its rounds on social media.