On September 7, 2018, Mac overdosed accidentally and died at the age of 26. Miller passed away in 2018

and the L.A. County Coroner's Office quickly determined that fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol were the cause of death.


Three alleged drug traffickers were eventually charged; two of them have received sentences of at least 11 years in jail

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mac Miller became well-known when "frat rap" gained popularity in the 2010s.


he teenage rapper was elected into the XXL Freshman Class of 2011 alongside Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill


Rappers were shocked to learn of Mac Miller's passing, and on Wednesday, his admirers and friends remembered the late musician.

The day it occurred seemed to be such a fog, but today, every year, I can clearly recall it. 

One fan tweeted, "Mac Miller's passing impacted my perspective in so many areas of my life.

" That day is imprinted in my memory for all time.