Morgan Wallen One Thing at a Time

Morgan Wallen Offers a Lot of Partying, but Not Much Introspection, on ‘One Thing at a Time’

Morgan Wallen has become one of country music’s biggest stars of the past few years, riding his Everyman persona and brooding

. But he’s caused controversy along the way, too. He was dropped from Saturday Night Live in late 2020 after being caught flouting pandemic guidelines

In February of the following year, a video emerged of the singer using a racial slur, which caused the Nashville machine to briefly withdraw its support of his music.

That scandal caused widespread (and necessary) discussions about country music’s relationship with race; 

; his regular-guy image and heart-on-rolled-up-sleeve romanticism kept his fanbase streaming his music despite it all. Dangerous: 

Party Text

world of inspiration 

The Double Album, released a month before the slur video was released by TMZ, clocked in at 30 tracks