The President and First Lady welcomed their granddaughter Naomi King Biden's wedding to Peter George Heermann Neal today at the White House.

 On the South Lawn, the wedding ceremony was held in front of about 250 guests at 11:00 EST. Not a single eye was dry, in my It was expertly executed.

The President and First Lady remarked, "It has been a joy to see Naomi grow, find who she is, and carve out such a great life for herself.

At this point, we are thrilled that she chose Peter as her spouse and we feel privileged to have him join our family. 

The President and First Lady hosted a wedding luncheon for family and the wedding party in the State Dining Room of the White House following the marriage ceremony. 

The South Lawn of the White House hosted Naomi Biden and Peter Neal's wedding late on Saturday morning. This was the first wedding 

 I'm returning home, taking some time off, and trying to keep things simple. Be with my wife and the kids. He decided to include the parts in which he learns about his probable medical career 

ballgown-style bridal dress with a high lace collar. White and green flower garlands adorned the south portico of the White House, and wreaths and a floral arch adorned the doors.

Uninvited journalists and curious bystanders gathered outside the White House's fence with cell phone cameras and telephoto lenses in an attempt to capture the decor.

Their personal vows were written by the pair. Linzi Lane, a friend of the Neal family, recalled that "they reminisced about their experience with one other and what got them to today."