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Delvey's web of falsehoods ultimately caught up with her, and in 2017 she was sentenced to over four years in prison for her financial crimes

 In February 2021, one month after her release from prison, the 31-year-old was detained once more, 

By: biography2me.org 

Delvey was brought into custody and held there by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) until her recent release last week.

Delvey's lawyer John Sandweg said a judge "understood that immigration detention was no longer essential for Anna"


when she was released from jail, but he added that the decision "does not mean that Anna will get a free pass"


He clarified that the choice "does not indicate that Anna will get a free pass" when she was let out of jail.

Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, who noted that her evidence might be used in a future hearing.

Delvey acknowledges that she prefers her life today to how it was while she was incarcerated, 

despite the fact that her movements are tracked via a tag on her ankle. She revealed to The New York Times her newfound freedom in Manhattan,