According to the police, his mother reported 20-month-old Quinton Simon missing on October 5.

On Buckhalter Road in Savannah, he shared a home with his mother, her boyfriend, his grandparents, and two other kids.

The biological father of the boy resided elsewhere.

When Simon's mother woke up on October 5, she dialed 911 and reported her son missing.

Around 9:40 in the morning, he was reported missing. According to Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley,

the mother informed the police that the boy had been in his playpen before she realized he was missing.

The boy, according to the police, was dressed in black jeans and a Sesame Street T-shirt.

Investigators expressed their "serious concern" for the boy's safety at the time. A tracking dog and a helicopter were used while police and volunteers in Savannah combed the neighborhood.

Several roadways were also closed. The following day, it was requested that the FBI join the hunt.