Brittney Griner, a great player for the United States in basketball, has reportedly landed in a prison colony in the Russian republic of Mordovia, 

300 miles southwest of Moscow, to start serving out a nine-year sentence for drug offenses, according to her attorneys.

The American's whereabouts haven't been officially confirmed since Russian authorities transported her from a detention facility in Moscow about two weeks ago.

This amount of time is standard for Russia's convoluted jail transfer system.

Maria Blagovolina and Alexander Boykov, Griner's attorneys, acknowledged they had already paid Griner a visit earlier this week in the IK-2 women's prison colony in Yavas.

The lawyers sent a statement to the media saying, "Brittney is doing as well as could be expected and attempting to stay strong as she adjusts to a new environment."

There won't be any more comments from us because this is a really difficult time for her.

Griner was found guilty of bringing less than a gram of hash oil into the country when she arrived to compete in the Russian women's professional basketball league earlier this year

and a Russian court sentenced her to nine years in a prison colony in August.

In court, Griner acknowledged that she had accidentally packed two vape cartridges in her haste to pack her bags, but she also produced paperwork proving that the hash oil was legitimately prescribed for pain relief by her American doctor.