Steve Bannon, a steadfast supporter of former President Donald Trump, 

 was found guilty of disobeying a subpoena from the House panel looking into the Jan. 6 uprising at the U.S. Capitol and is due to be sentenced on Friday.

He came on Friday morning for the sentencing hearing at the federal courtroom in Washington

In July, a jury found Bannon guilty on two charges of contempt of Congress: 

While Bannon's attorneys believed their client deserved a probationary sentence,

prosecutors asked the judge in his case to impose a severe penalty of six months in jail. 

Bannon's attorneys contend the judge might simply sentence him to probation and avoid sending him to jail,

despite the fact that each of the statutes for contempt of Congress carries a minimum sentence of 30 days in jail.

Bannon's participation in Trump's plans to rig the 2020 presidential election was the subject of the House committee's request for his testimony