It's usually the people you least expect, isn't it? With her shocking performance in Netflix's Wednesday, Christina Ricci upped the ante from her earlier 

The Addams Family and its sequel, Addams Family Values, from 1991 gave the actress her breakthrough role as the gloomy child. Later, Ricci gushed about the impact the encounter had on her.

"I worked on them and promoted them for a good portion of my boyhood, and I've talked about them for the rest of my life."

Later, Netflix created its own version of the story, which focused on the famous figure as a teenager attending Nevermore Academy. Jenna Ortega was introduced in the series, 

Ortega claims that the co-stars came to an understanding over how each one related to Wednesday. In a subsequent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she admitted, "I did not pick her brain.

"It was strange; it seemed like we had an unsaid understanding. Let's never talk about her, was all we were thinking when we first locked eyes.

The Sleepy Hollow actress is one of her more well-known characters, and the Scream actor said it was "scary" to be in the same scene with her.

He continued, "Because it's like, she's observing what it is, what you're doing, and it's one of her more popular characters, and... she's created quite the legacy to live up to.

And the show is strikingly similar to her perspective. It only serves to demonstrate the respect that exists there.

However, following the first season's production, the Golden Globe winner described the experience as "very entertaining." In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly in October 2022,