As many fans were unable to purchase tickets for her upcoming tour on Ticketmaster this week, Taylor Swift addressed the situation on Friday.

Swift posted on Instagram on Friday, "It goes without saying that I'm tremendously protective of my fans. It's really tough for me to put these relationships and allegiances in the hands of a stranger

Swift cited a "multitude of reasons why folks had such a hard time" purchasing tickets as justification for her criticism of Ticketmaster.

I won't excuse anyone, the singer stated, "since we repeatedly questioned them if they could handle this kind of demand and we were promised they could. 

"It's actually remarkable that 2.4 million people were able to get tickets, but it also irritates me because many of them feel like they had to survive many bear assaults in order to get them."

Sales for the singer's upcoming Eras Tour started on Tuesday, but the high demand clogged the ticketing website and enraged fans who couldn't get seats.

Customers who had pre-sale codes for tickets reported that Ticketmaster would not load and would not let them access the tickets.

The general public's sale, which was slated to start on Friday, was canceled, according to Ticketmaster, on account of "extraordinarily high demands on

ticketing systems and inadequate residual ticket inventory to match that demand," the company reported on Thursday.

Swift continued, "To those who didn't get tickets, all I can say is that my hope is to give us additional chances to get together and perform these songs.