to those who were harmed by his false assertion that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a fabrication.

The ruling is the second significant judgment against the Infowars host stemming from his steadfast support of the myths

that the 2012 massacre never occurred and that the distraught relatives depicted in news reports were hired actors in a scheme to confiscate firearms.

They were being recorded at their residences by strangers. On social media, insulting comments were made.

The murdered Sandy Hook school administrator Dawn Hochsprung's daughter, Erica Lafferty,

claimed that she received rape threats in the mail. The burial of Mark Barden's son Daniel, age 7,

was urinated on by conspiracy theorists, who also threatened to remove the coffin, according to Mark Barden.

Jones admitted during testimony that he had been mistaken about Sandy Hook. He asserted that the shooting was actual.

He was, however, obstinate both in the courtroom and on his show.