When the squad he was on no longer — or never — lived up to his abilities, a player would demand out of anywhere.

When the current one couldn't meet his abilities and ambition, he sought—and perhaps deserved—teammates and a front office.

When everything is molded to your will, as Kevin Durant has demonstrated, you can accomplish that.

you can accomplish that. It appears that Kylian Mbappe is going over and beyond by complaining about leaving PSG after they recently signed him to a contract that pays him almost $100 million a year

and effectively elevated him to the position of general manager. Really, Durant just got to serve as a substitute coach. Son, check and mate.

According to reports, Mbappe wants to leave in January and travel to Madrid to finally end their years-long eyelash-batting relationship

Funny thing is, though, Madrid already has a potent left-sided forward who is tearing the globe apart in Vinicius Jr.

It's possible that Florentino Perez won't be able to resist buying Mbappe 

in order to put his name back in the spotlight, but Madrid doesn't really need him right now. Continue reading

The fact that PSG essentially granted Mbappe control of the team by allowing him to choose the sporting director, manager, and transfer policy