Nearly three months after being found guilty of bringing drugs into the nation and given a nine-year prison sentence

US basketball star Brittney Griner is scheduled to appeal her conviction in a Russian court on Tuesday.

In a hearing at the Moscow Regional Court, Griner's counsel will likely argue that the verdict was unfair and unwarranted under Russian law

according to CNN. Griner, 32, will participate in the court from her jail facility through video conference.

According to the attorneys, Maria Blagovolina, a partner at the law firm Rybalkin, Gortsunyan, Dyakin and Partners

and Alexander Boykov of the Moscow Legal Center, the decision on the appeal is anticipated the same day as the hearing.

According to them, the court hearing the appeal may decide to uphold Griner's decision, reverse it and remand it to the lower court, or shorten Griner's sentence.

According to Boykov, the "legal process will be essentially over" if the Khimki city court's ruling is affirmed

Griner, a two-time US Olympic gold medalist, is worried that if her appeal is denied and a prisoner swap agreement between the US and Russia can't be reached